The Lake at Etang Tissier
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The Lake

The lake at Etang Tissier

Approximately 7 acres, typical French damned valley with three islands. The shallows are the Lagoon (in front of the house) which is bordered with lots of Norfolk reed, with its own island, and which can be fished from No 1 swim.

The swims are all located on one side of the lake which creates quiet areas to fish on the opposite bank and which are accessible via a pathway to enable baiting up.

The depths of the lake are illustrated on the map and range from 3ft to 12ft (1m to 3m).

The fishing spots are firm and gravelly and the only weed, which is found in small amounts, is in swims 1 and 2.

All swims have their own individual features and spots to fish to.

The middle of the lake is a firm silt which you will also take fish off

There are no poisson-chats or crayfish

Fishing can sometimes be hectic, with multi runs and catches at the same time, with carp and catfish being landed at any time, day or night – you never know when the next run is coming!

Carp fishing facilities at Etang Tissier

Carp Fishing Facilities at Etang Tissier

Carp fishing facilities at Etang Tissier

Looking at Chestnuts swim
Lakeside Kitchen
The Willows swim



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Lake News From Etang Tissier

April 2019
Landed by Carl 6th April 2019 - 50.8 lb 

New Lake Record Catfish May 2015

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